7 Layer Chocolate Bars

7 Layer Chocolate Bars
I have been making these fattening delicious layer bars for twenty something years …OK, maybe a little longer than that. I have no idea why we always called them 7 layer bars….I think it should be more like 7 ingredient bars. I also have no idea where I originally got the recipe, but you can find a variation of it on the back of Borden’s Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk.

The layers of graham cracker crumbs, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, coconut and walnuts all sort of stick together thanks to the oh so wonderful sweetened, condensed milk. Whoever thought of selling that stuff in a can was brilliant!

These bars are one of my favorite holiday cookies, and they are so easy to make. Just crush the graham crackers into crumbs, mix with some butter, press into an oblong baking dish, layer everything else on top and bake. When they are done, they look so complex that you’d think they were more difficult to make. You can cut them into small candy size squares and serve them in candy wrappers as well. Since they are so high in sugar, fat and calories rich, small pieces are enough to satisfy that sweet tooth!

Makes: 24 bars
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cooking Time: 25 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

2 cup graham crackers, crushed, about 12 or 13 crackers, crushed
3/4 cup butter, melted
14 ounces sweetened condensed milk, such as Eagle Brand
2 cups chocolate chips, semi sweet
1 cup butterscotch chips
1 1/3 cups coconut, flaked
1 cup nuts, walnuts, chopped
cooking spray

Preparation: Preheat oven to 350 degrees (or 325 degrees if using a glass baking dish). Coat a 9 by 13 inch baking dish with cooking spray. Finely crush graham crackers. Melt butter in a microwave safe mixing bowl. Add graham cracker crumbs to butter and mix well. Press crumb mixture into bottom of baking dish. Pour condensed milk evenly over top of crumbs. Arrange remaining ingredients in layers with nuts on top. Place in oven and bake for 25 minutes or until lightly browned around edges and top. Remove from oven and allow to cool for 1 hour before cutting. Cut into bars and store in an airtight container.

Per bar about: (YIKES…) 300 calories, 11 g fat, 9 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat, 4 g protein, 33 g carbohydrates, 2 g dietary fiber, 125 mg sodium (but well worth it!)

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6 Responses to “7 Layer Chocolate Bars”

  1. briarrose10/11/09 23:03

    Love these bars! The butterscotch chips are a nice addition.

  2. foodies at home10/11/10 01:33

    I think these might be one of my favorite holiday cookies too and I haven’t even tried them yet!

  3. chrisadmin10/11/10 04:21

    LOL..thanks for the reply…these are really good!

  4. HappyWhenNotHungry10/11/10 14:24

    I make these every year at Christmas and they are always a crowd pleaser!!!! Soo simple to make, but absolutely delicious. Thanks for sharing :-)

  5. RavieNomNoms10/11/10 15:17

    This looks like heaven!

  6. Cleveland Food Goddess10/11/10 15:21

    I made these for the first time not too long ago…they taste best right when they come out of the oven! YUM!